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Timber Shutters Gold Coast & Brisbane

Bring luxury decor, excellence and artistic craftsmanship to your home or commercial property.

There is nothing quite as captivating as windows dressed with Quality Cedar Timber Shutters. They are a classic look, which enhance any decor… they are most attractive alone, giving you a clean, uncluttered look. Shutters allow you to regulate light and privacy without losing your view and in action will add insulation keeping out the harsh summer sun and insulate against the cold winter.

Timber shutters can be tailor painted to suite your home decor colours. Manufactured by professionals with over 20 years experience in the wood and cane industries, we provide different styles of wooden styles and finishes. Apex Shutters have been manufacturing Timber Shutters on the Gold Coast since 2002. Our shutters have been displayed in all sized homes, including luxury homes that have been featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin by award winning home builders.

Manufactured and hand crafted on the Gold Coast, our Cedar Timber collection is our boutique range of shutters. Made by experienced professionals with over 20 years in the wood craft decor industry, Apex Shutters combine superior quality and high grade materials to complement the opulence of your home or the world-class professionalism of your office.

Apex Shutters Gold Coast have installed custom coloured timber shutters in some of the Gold Coast leading luxury prestige homes in Sovereign Islands, Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, Hedges Avenue, and Varsity Lakes just to name a few.

Made by A-Class materials from leading local businesses, Apex Shutters are a long-term investment of excellence that increase the value of your home. By investing in Australian-made products, you provide a ripple effect of growth to the Australian economy.

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    Buying locally means investing in your community, access to superior services to the big companies, and higher quality products. It might be very tempting to purchase a product purely on the price tag, but buying Australian-Made furniture has numerous benefits:

    • Supports the local community.Australia's economy cannot thrive without you and your purchases. By spending money on Australian-Made items, you're keeping our economy in good check - and keeping local businesses and jobs alive.
    • Uses local materials.Good quality shutters that is made in Australia often uses timbers sourced locally. And while Australia is not immune to unsustainable or illegal practices, we do adhere to FSC certification standards. When purchasing your piece, The Wilderness Society recommends you check to make sure it's FSC certified and plantation grown to ensure it is as sustainable as possible.
    • Faster installation times.If you're importing from overseas, you can bet you will be waiting a while for this to arrive. By purchasing locally, you are likely looking at a shorter delivery time. Or, you can even pick up the times yourself.
    It's never been more important to buy Australian-Made than right now. A thriving manufacturing sector is critical to Australia's economic future and prosperity. Every dollar spent on locally made products has a direct impact on the livelihoods of Aussie manufacturers, as well as the wider community. By buying Australian-Made, not only you are getting products made to the highest manufacturing standards, you are also pumping money back into the economy, creating jobs, strengthening local industries and supporting local communities. 
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