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Operation & Maintenance Guide

How to operate your Shutters…

It is important to operate your shutters correctly to ensure you do not cause any unnecessary damage or void your warranty terms and conditions.

Operation is simple and if you follow these simple rules your Shutters should last well beyond the warranty period.


  1. To rotate blades, gently push or pull the side control in the desired direction.
  2. Make sure that nothing has fallen near the shutter before trying to rotate the blades or open/close the shutter.
  3. Never force or put unnecessary pressure on the blades or shutter.
  4. The louvres of the shutter are used to control the light entering a room, but where access to the window is required for opening or cleaning the window, the shutter panels can be swung out of the way. It is expected that the panel will need to be lifted or assisted back into the window frame when closing, to support the panel and avoid damage to the window frame. To maintain structural integrity, shutter panels should be returned to their closed position promptly.
  5. When Bi-folding panels, close the blades before folding away.  This will help to prevent damage which may be caused by blades touching blades.
  6. If sliding panels, close the blades before moving panels, unless designed to slide with blades open.
  7.  Maintain the installation fitting in good working order.
  8. Keep bottom tracks free from dirt and grit.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Dusting with a soft dry duster on regular basis
  2. Cleaning any fingerprints or marks with a damp cloth
  3. Do NOT use any harsh chemicals or abrasives.
  4. Do NOT use any ammonia-based cleaning products.
  5. Depending on your location, we recommend a wipe and occasional silicon spray on all moving parts (i.e. hinges, wheels, guides etc.).

Stainless Steel Maintenance

Stainless steel is the most popular specified material for hinges, tracking, latches and handles.  If your shutters are fitted with stainless steel elements, we recommend having a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the products do not suffer with adverse effects from a hard, salt-based environment such as near swimming pools, the sea and rivers.

In these environments there can be staining known as “tea staining”.  This discoloration can be removed by using a product such as 3M Stainless Steel cleaner. Another measure is prevention, and spraying with a product (WD40, Inox, or something similar) helps create a barrier between the salt in the air and the metal.

We recommend cleaning these fittings every three months, and both of these products should be readily available from hardware stores.

Remember should your shutters start operating in a way that seems incorrect it is best to contact us immediately as further damage maybe caused.



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